comment çà va bien

What is the meaning of Comment ça va?

How is it going?
“Comment ça va” (French for “How is it going?“) is a 1983 pop song by Dutch boy band The Shorts. The song deals about a boy who meets a French girl, but they can not understand each other because they speak different languages.

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How do you respond to Ca va bien?

How to respond. If “Ça va?” asks “How’s it going?” the answer is the same as with our second phrase (“Ça va bien, et toi?”). If someone is asking if you’re okay, you can say “Oui, ça va, merci” (“I’m okay, thank you”).

What is ca va bien et toi?

I am very well, and I am doing very well, has same meaning.

What is Je vais bien?

je vais bien I am fine mst gt-Google Translate; mst-Microsoft Translate.

What is the meaning of très bien merci?

I am very well thank you.

How do you respond to Tres bien?

The following responses are polite enough for a new acquaintance, but general enough for a good friend, too: Très bien, merci. Very well, thank you. Je vais bien, merci.

How do you reply to comment vas?

French people generally expect an answer when they ask “comment allez-vous ?” or “comment tu vas ?”, but the answer doesn’t have to be long. In fact, it’s common to simply say “ça va” (it’s going well) whether you actually feel good or not.

How do you respond to Quoi de Neuf?

If you have news to share then go ahead and do it. Otherwise you can move the conversation along by replying rien de nouveau (‘nothing new’), rien de special (‘nothing special’) or simply pas grand chose (‘not much. ‘)

What is the meaning of Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi?

Do you want to sleep with me?
The song is famous for its sexually suggestive French chorus of “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”, which translates into English as “Do you want to sleep with me?“.

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What is the meaning of Et toi in English?

English Translation. and you.

Is it Et toi or Et tu?

So just to confirm, as ‘et’ is a preposition, you would always use the disjunctive pronoun ‘toi’ and never in any circumstance use ‘et tu?’ . i.e. the use of toi is not specific to this greeting, but applies without exception, for example: ‘J’aime jouer au tennis, et toi?’

Which language is Je vais bien?

Je vais bien: translate French – English.

What is Je vais mal?

I wanna know how to say in english ” je vais mal” it means that i m sad, i m not ok.

What is the meaning of s’il vous plait?

Definition of s’il vous plaît

: if you please : please.

How do you say I am fine in French?

comment çà va bien
comment çà va bien

What’s moi aussi mean?

Moi aussi Me too mst.

What is excellent in French?

French translation of ‘excellent!’

⧫ parfait !

Is Tres bien French or Spanish?

Translate “très bien” from Spanish to English.

Is Et toi comment vas tu formal or informal?

How to Say “How Are You?” in French. If you’d like to say, “How are you?” in French, you would generally say, “Comment allez-vous ?” (formal singular or informal plural) or “Comment vas-tu ?” (informal singular).

Is Quoi de Neuf formal or informal?

Informal French Expression
Meaning what’s new?
Register informal
Pronunciation [kwa d(eu) neuf]
IPA [kwa də nœf

What is the meaning of Quoi?

Quoi [“Kwah”] in French usually means “what.” But not always!

What are you doing French?

Hi, what are you doing? Salut, tu fais quoi ?

Is Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi correct?

A Grammatically, but Not Socially, Correct French Expression

Pronounced voo-lay voo koo-shay ah-vehk mwa seu swahr, voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, is a cliché of an English speaker’s misunderstanding of French, thanks to the stereotype of the French as very romantic people.

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What does Se Swa mean in French?

[swaʀ ] masculine noun. fin d’après-midi) evening.

Who sings Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi?


What’s the difference between TOI and vous?

Toi is the informal, singular object pronoun “you”: It’s you! = C’est toi! Vous is the plural and/or formal pronoun “you”, (think “you people”, or “you, sir”, or “you, ma’am”. Vous can function as a subject or an object: You are speaking: Vous parlez; I have a book for you: J’ai un livre pour vous.

How do you pronounce Vais in French?

What is the difference between Vais and suis?

Je vais bien is a common answer to the French How are you?, meaning I’m fine in a general way, things are going well. Je suis bien would a little different, having the meaning that you are fine at that particular moment, comfortable, not in need of anything. Je vais mieux would mean you are doing better.

What is civil play mean?

interjection French. if you please; please.

How do you say si vous plait?

How do you say goodnight in French?

Good night! See you in the morning. Bonne nuit !

How do you say I am in French?

How do you introduce yourself in French?

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